Word on the street (or couch)

"When I say I get complimented by at least a hand full of people when I wear them out, I mean it.

They’re my go to grocery store run, sandy beach, and even a nice evening out sandal.

Dress them up or down, you will NOT regret this purchase!" -Lauren D.

We're all about sanctuary

Why go shoe-free?

👟 Leaving outside shoes at the door empowers you to fully reclaim your space 

🧿 Our Turkish design supports Turkey's economy and their ancient tradition of a shoe-free home

🌈 Versatile color palettes bring back the fun of dressing up from head to toe - at home :)

Welcome to the shoe-free home movement

Terrelique was born to manifest the trust, love, and ease that accompany feeling not only welcome, but actively included in a space. House slippers (for everyone and their guests) are an ancient practice in Turkey - where our American, Turkish-speaking founder used to live. Our philosophy comes down to the Turkish word rahat, meaning comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. We believe a shoe free home embodies rahat, empowering us to reclaim, curate, and share the experience of our sacred space. 

Whether it's a place, a person, or simply a feeling, home means something different to everyone. To us, it means safety, love and peace of mind - in whatever form. Terreliques are made to embody the comfort of home, even when life is throwing a curveball.

Put your best foot forward. We support you 💕

Our story

We believe comfort should be emotional, not just physical. Terrelique was born to manifest coziness through welcoming.

So happy you came through.

After living in Turkey, we fell in love with the ancient tradition of house slippers. Terreliques are designed to keep your space clean and *seriously* upgrade your lounge look. We even keep extras for our friends & family, curating a   chic yet intimate welcome. 

No more awkward moments of asking your guests to take off their shoes. Now you can offer them something better.

Welcome to the shoe-free home movement. 

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