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No shoes in the house please 👟

Relaxation Slips

Relaxation Slips

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Color: Chai Latte
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Slip into something more comfortable

Real comfort is emotional, not just physical. Terreliques manifest this through welcoming loved ones into your world and radiating + sharing that indescribable feeling of home.

See for yourself

Why go shoe-free?

✨ Leave shoes (and their dirt) at the door to fully reclaim your space ✨

👟 Our Turkish design shares the country's ancient tradition of a shoe-free home 👟

🎨 Versatile color palettes bring back the fun of dressing head to toe - at home 🎨

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"They make a casual outfit feel put together, not frumpy."

"I love the way they massage my feet as I walk around the house. Literally cannot believe I didn’t know about these until now. Get so many compliments!"

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Keep it clean, keep it cute

The only shoes allowed on your furniture

Have we convinced you you yet? 😇

I'll believe it when I see it

Real talk: Everyone is welcome

☀️ Terrelique was born to manifest the trust, love, and ease that come from feeling actively included in a space. When you and your guests wear our slippers, you're united in coziness + community ☀️

🏡 House slippers are an ancient practice in Turkey - where our slippers are made at a family-owned factory. A shoe-free home embodies serious sanctuaryempowering you to reclaim, curate, and share the experience of your sacred space 🏡

💫 The new WFH uniform 💫

Word on the street (or couch)

"I loved these so much I got 4 pairs for guests who come over LOL. They are SOOOOOO comfy, stylish and DURABLE! Serious obsessed." -Viveca C.


Welcome to the shoe-free home movement.