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Terrelique: Best shoes to wear indoors according to Architectural Digest

Terrelique: The best shoes to wear indoors.

"Not only do they look fun, but the design also feels amazing on your feet." -Zoe Sessums, Architectural Digest


I was 18 when I moved to the mid-Atlantic, which at that time was the farthest north I had ever lived during winter. It was definitely amateur hour—especially during my first snowstorm. The primary components of my 
outfit? Unlined rubber rain boots, a child’s snowsuit from Goodwill, and a fashion scarf. Luckily, the following winter, my parents—both kind and intelligent sorts—sent me a pair of fur-lined sheepskin slippers, which impressed upon me the value of investing in quality winter clothing. I was so enamored with my new slippers (and unfamiliar with this sort of footwear) that I actually wore them around the dirty city I lived in as if they were proper shoes.

Fast forward more than a decade, and I have since invested in many quality footwear, and even have a variety of shoes for strictly indoor use. Not only do I love having deep winter slippers, but also keeping shoulder season pairs and extras for guests has been a real treat. Sometimes it’s good to remember your origin story to see how far you’ve come. Either way, I am here to recommend a bunch of great indoor shoes to save your feet, your floors, and potentially save you from embarrassment.

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