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step into your sacred space with the perfect terrelique color to emulate your true energy.
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feeling bright?

Green is the color of balance and rebirth. Think soothing vibes, self-reliance and springtime. Aloe Terreliques also match all. the. houseplants.
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feeling care-free?

The ultimate neutral. A true chameleon, Chai represents a balanced mind ready for anything. Chai Terreliques fit in anywhere, anytime.
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feeling fun?

Playful pink brings out compassion, sincerity, and nurturing energy. Bubblegum Terreliques are guaranteed to put a spring in your step!
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feeling serene?

White is a classic representation of calm, serene energy. Marshmallow Terreliques are perfect for a minimalist space.
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feeling classic?

Sophisticated and chic, black represents strength and power. Always with a hint of mystery, this color never goes out of style.
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feeling calm?

The most notable cool color, blue represents peace and tranquility. Blue is also said to increase productivity - calling all students! Feel truly grounded wherever you step with Blueberry.
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feeling bold?

Bold and fun-loving yellow helps us tap into our creative energy to live our best life. Citrine Terreliques speak for themselves.
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